Misery, Re-Defined

Further Investigations

Here are answers to questions that were presented by my class. These coincide with the other web pages on this site.

                                                                Prompt #1

What criteria would you use to decide if a country deserves Humanitarian Or Military Aid?
These are some of my ideas...
Humanitarian Aid

-Poverty Percentage

-Above 50% living on $2 dollars a day.


-Type, Oppression?

-Is Aid Already There?

Military Aid


-Homicide percentage

-Is the government the cause?

-People Dying In the Streets

-Which Rights Do They Have?

-Which Rights Are Being Taken Away?

-What Are the Punishments For Disobeying?

                                                                        Prompt #2

“We are like the pioneers of the United States….We do not want what does not belong to us. We only want what the North Americans have, to live as they do.”
   My reaction to this quote.
Ouch… Makes you feel bad for thinking that you need more. Think of your Christmas list. Does it have…Food on it? How about clean water? A government that doesn't kill your family and neighbors? Yup. Me either. It makes me think that I have a responsibility to do something, to do Anything. I can to help.

                                                                     Prompt #3

                   "I am only one, but still....I Am one. I cannot do everything, but just because I cannot do everything, i will not refuse to do the things I can."

                                                              So what, as one person, can we do?

                               I am one. And sometimes all it takes is one. Sometimes it takes one to start something, one becomes two. Two becomes four. Four becomes eight. It's like that movie "Pass it on." Exponential growth pattern.

                    So one is enough to start something, that is for sure. But what? what can we possibly start that could change the world? How about donating the stuff that you haven't seen in your closet for two years? It's defiantly not doing you any good. Put it to use, people are dying for the things you senselessly throw away. Out of sight, out of mind. Maybe try, i don't know, how about donating $1 of your allowance every time? That's about $52 dollars a year. One school class does that, it brings in just about $1000 dollars a year. More than what 50% of people in El Salvador live on in a year.

                   It's Possible to make a difference. Step up. Set the example.